Welcome to Richer Engineering - your spot for all things engineering for Land-Rovers in specific, and engineering in general.

For the present this website is a repository for the items I'm working with and on, as well as a place to store my accumulated writings and ramblings on subjects as diverse as mechanical engineering, machining, Land-Rovers both coil-sprung and leaf-sprung, the restoration of ancient caravans and anything else that fits the topics.

Along with the more direct tutorial and descriptive items above you'll also find a section I've titled flights of fancy. Here you'll find my ramblings on subjects as diverse as steam power, the joys and perils of old machinery and the reconditioning thereof, and writings on any and everything that happens to inspire me enough to write about it.

There are also sections for items for sale (LR related in the majority of cases) and a contact section for engineering services.

Like all dynamic structures this site will be adapting and changing as time goes on - do check back periodically for new material.

Yours, Alan J. Richer - richer-engineering.com